Our Care

Learning everyday at all ages.

Age Groups

From babies to Pre-school and then After School Care, here at Discoveryland we incorporate the best of Montessori, Síolta & Aistear programmes. As children grow and develop they naturally more up to the next stage when they are ready. Sometimes children move to the next stage earlier than expected, so our ages below are approximate rather than exact.

Our babies/toddlers are children aged 5 months – 2 years.

Baby, 5months – 1 year

We here at Discoveryland know how important routines are to new parents.We will always work around your child’s routine. Your babies days are spent playing, making new friends, completing arts and crafts for mam & dad. This is the first room your baby will attend at the beginning of their Discoveryland journey.

Toddlers, 1year – 2 years

Your child’s journey during their toddler stage is spent singing, learning rhymes, playing with their friends. They are always encouraged to develop their independence in a fun and safe way. It is all go for our toddler room from singing Happy Birthday to learning new songs in circle-time.

Pre-Montessori, 2 -3 1/2 years

As you child discovers their own independence, we encourage them and guide them to develop their confidence as we continue to expand their knowledge of the world around them. Here in the Pre-Montessori room their days are filled with play, song, books, art and crafts, and exploring the outdoors. The also begin learning numbers, their ABCs and begin the stepping stones to Montessori.

Montessori Room, 3 1/2 years +

Here at Discoveryland our focus at this stage is to empower the children to enter primary school completely prepared. This means building on their numeracy and literacy and expanding their knowledge in the worlds of science, sport and the world around them. The children are also developing friendships and forming bonds that often continue into primary school. This is an extremely rich time of learning but there is also plenty of time to run and play free.

Our children in the Montessori Room also have an annual graduation ceremony, their last wave goodbye to us as they move to the next stage in their young lives. We will miss them, but then there is always our After School & Homework Club!

After School & Homework Club

As your child arrives in Discoveryland after their day in school, they are given snacks and a chance to change out of their uniform into their own clothes. The children also do their homework under adult supervision so this leaves the parents only to check their homework when they arrive home.

When homework is completed, the children have a chance to relax and enjoy the freedom of choosing their own activities, whether it’s indoors or outdoors (weather permitting).